Some of our favouritest podcasts and web sites.

Precious Little: A brilliant podcast featuring the voices of comedian Michael Legge and king of nonchalance James Hingley. Hear Michael rant about cunts on trains, while James pilots the madness safely onto a runway of  lunacy. Go and listen to it immediately because if you don’t, you will be followed by dirty men and called “arseface” by children and ladies with boobs.

The Trap: Yes, one of  Britain’s funniest sketch groups also has its own podcast. Listen to Paul Lichfield, Dan Mersh & Jeremy Limb shout down ghosts and produce a series of comedy characters at the drop of a twat. It also includes the superb Event Horizon Crescent – a comedy soap set in the future – which is also available as a separate podcast.

Michael Legge:  The website of our favourite comedian.

Tara Flynn:  Our favourite multi-talented lady of mirth.

The Scars: A free audio book by William Tennant and it is superb, download it now or be known as a Philistine for the rest of your life.

The Cocoa Emporium: The Gentleman’s Review’s favourite chocolate shop. Buy lovely chocolates and cake from them now or we will laugh at your bits.

Dog Judo: We adore these animated hounds.

Doctor Who: The BBC’s Doctor Who website, because we love that Gallifreyan hobo.

The Chap: The greatest magazine in the world (next to DWM)