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Why the Santos de Cartier is One of the Best Luxury Watches

Cartier reimagined the iconic Santos in 2018 with the Santos de Cartier. This article discusses why the Santos de Cartier is one of the best luxury watches.

It is a Horological Icon

As the first men’s wristwatch and the first pilot watch, the Santos is one of the most iconic watches of all time. Louis Cartier built the Santos for (and named it after) his friend Alberto Santos-Dumont, the famous aviator, after Santos-Dumont complained to Cartier about the impracticability of using a pocket watch while flying a plane. Since its creation, the Santos has been one of the most revered watches by enthusiasts for its significance to horological history and timeless design.

It is the Perfect Blend of Elegance and Utility

The Santos de Cartier comes in a 35.1 mm “medium” or a 39.8 mm “large” model, and both models feature Cartier’s in-house 1847 MC mechanical movement with automatic winding and are water-resistant up to 100 meters.

Cartier’s “SmartLink” adjustment system on the Santos de Cartier allows for easy addition and removal of bracelet links without tools, and all models have a “QuickSwitch” system which enables an easy change of straps without tools. These are especially valuable features for those who do not want to visit their authorized dealer for a bracelet adjustment or strap change.

In addition to a steel bracelet, each Santos de Cartier comes with an interchangeable leather strap. The stainless-steel and two-tone models comes standard with a calfskin strap in one of several colors, and the yellow and rose gold models come standard with an alligator strap.

It Comes From One of the Most Respected Watch Brands

Although Cartier is known mainly as a jeweler, it is also one of the most highly regarded watch brands in the world. From those who do not care about timepieces at all to the most critical watch snobs, Cartier is considered one of the most iconic watchmakers. Cartier’s timeless designs, historical significance, and brand recognition render one of the most prestigious watchmakers.

The Verdict

The Santos de Cartier is the perfect “go anywhere, do anything” watch. The historical significance and timeless design mean the Santos will likely never go out of style. The combination of Cartier’s elegant design language with the practical features in the Santos make it capable of dressing up for a wedding and great for a day at the beach. Overall, the Santos de Cartier is one of the best luxury watches on the market today.


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